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JAKAVI reduced spleen volume in the majority of patients

Demonstrated improvement in patients with enlarged spleen size1-3

  • 38% of patients in the JAKAVI arm met the spleen response criterion (≥35% reduction in volume at Week 32) vs 1% in the BAT arm1,2
  • Spleen response (spleen volume reduction ≥35%) was one of the components of the composite primary endpoint1,2

Change in spleen volume in each patient3

Changes in spleen volume in each patient receiving JAKAVI or BAT in the RESPONSE study
  • Spleen size reduced in nearly three-quarters of all patients receiving JAKAVI3
    • Proportion of patients with any spleen size reduction was an exploratory analysis
  • Spleen volume ≥450 cm3 was included in the eligibility criteria for the trial1

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BAT=best available therapy.


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