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Toxicities frequently compromise the ability to dose HU at therapeutic levels1

More than 1 out of every 8 PV patients receiving HU is intolerant to the drug based on ELN criteria2

Rate of HU intolerance2

Rate of Hydroxyurea (HU) Intolerance in Polycythemia Vera Patients – JAKAVI

Patients with HU intolerance or HU resistance have had limited therapeutic options

  • For 59% of patients with HU resistance/intolerance in a Phase III clinical trial, HU was nonetheless considered their best available treatment3*

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*Based on 112 patients with HU resistance/intolerance who were randomised to the best available therapy (BAT) arm of a Phase III clinical trial.3
ELN=European LeukemiaNET; HU=hydroxyurea.


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