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PV is a trilineage disease

PV is a myeloproliferative disorder characterised by trilineage haematopoietic cell growth1,2

  • PV is characterised by excessive erythrocytosis and elevated white blood cell (WBC) and platelet counts2

Uncontrolled trilineage proliferation drives thrombotic complications1-4

Excessive myeloproliferation results in multiple physiologic effects associated with increased risk and burden of disease5

The risks and burden of PV5

The PV diagnostic criteria highlight the trilineage characteristics of PV6

Overactive JAK pathway signalling drives the pathogenesis of PV8-10

Pathogenesis of PV

  • Overactive JAK signalling results in trilineage proliferation and can increase production of inflammatory cytokines8-10
  • Almost all patients (>99%) with PV harbor a mutation in the JAK2 gene11

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AML=acute myeloid leukaemia; BM=bone marrow; HCT=haematocrit; MF=myelofibrosis; RBC=red blood cell.


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