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Myelofibrosis is a progressive, relentless, debilitating disease1

Splenomegaly and myelofibrosis symptoms present a significant disease burden2

  • MF is a serious haematologic malignancy with a median survival range of only 2 to 4 years in intermediate-2 and high-risk patients3
  • Worsening, debilitating disease-related symptoms compromise QoL2,4
  • More than 80% of MF patients experience splenomegaly5,6

JAK dysregulation underlies MF and its clinical manifestations1,2

JAK Dysregulation underlies Myelofibrosis and its clinical manifestations - JAKAVI

Adapted from: Mesa RA et al. Haematologica. 2014;99(2):292-298. Verstovsek S et al. N Engl J Med. 2010;363(12):1117-1127.1,2

Myelofibrosis is a life-threatening and debilitating haematologic malignancy3


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JAK=Janus kinase; MF=myelofibrosis; QoL=quality of life.


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